Project Title:

Using optical in-situ imaging and automatic species recognition to study the fine-scale coupling of mesozooplankton and phytoplankton in the high Arctic, part 1 (2013)


Kevin is a B.Sc student in biology and majors in oceanography at Université Laval, Québec, Canada. He works under the supervision of Prof. Louis Fortier and myself. Kevin’s project is the equivalent to an honours thesis (initiation a la recherche).

His project is based on a transect of stations in northern Baffin Bay and the Northwater Polynya (NOW) that were sampled during the ArcticNet 2013 cruise onboard the CCGS Amundsen. In-situ imaging data of zooplankton is currently being analyzed and investigated for their coupling with phytoplankton and relation to hydrographic parameters.

Kevin’s scientific interests include oceanography, marine biology, preservation of natural habitats and animal behaviour. His goals in life are to complete a PhD, to acquire vast scientific knowledge through experiences all around the world and to further conduct research in biology and marine oceanography.